Selsey Model Boat Club


The object of theses rules is to foster fair competition in all aspects of the Selsey Model Boat Club events and competitions.



The craft will be powered by electric motor or motors.

The motors will only power a propeller or propellers fitted to propeller shafts mounted in a line parallel to the keel.

If Bow or Stern thrusters are fitted they cannot be used.

The speed of the boat is limited to a nominal 1.5 times the square root of the water line therefore planing hulls are not permitted

Members are encouraged to use their own boats, however a club boat may be available for use on the day of the competition.


The course will be set out by the competition secretary and will consist of the dock and various buoys to be  negotiated in either forward or reverse directions.

The competing member will have to decide for himself if his craft is capable of navigating the obstacles placed in the course.

The run will be timed from when the bow of the boat crosses a nominated start line until the bow of the boat  crosses the nominated finishing line.

Seconds may be added for hitting buoys or docksides whilst the run is under way. These penalties will be explained on the day.

The boat completing the course in the shortest time including seconds added for hitting marks will be the winner.

Two attempts at the course will be allowed in the competition.

The quickest run will be the one that counts.  

In the event if a tie, the boats tying for first place will asked to run again.

We will use the AMYA rules version 11 except for section 12.2 and the requirement for numbers on the jib in section 12.4

The hull to be built to the dimensions and shape of the plans that are readily available.
The propshaft must be in the position and angle shown on the plans

Building Materials. Wood, plastic or fibreglass. Carbon fibre is not allowed.

Propeller.  Maximum 35m mm diameter with any number of blades.

Radio.    Two channel for throttle and steering

Battery.    Nicad or Nimh with a maximum of 9.6 volts i.e. 8 cells maximum

Single Motor.      Must be brushed type Maximum Size.  600.    NOTE Brushless motors are not allowed.

A switch shall be mounted so that the power can be turned off easily without the need to remove any cover. The switch must be visible and clearly labelled showing how to turn it off. (added July 2020)

The course and the number of races will be decided on race days. Racing will immediately be abandoned if young water foul are seen on the pond.


     The idea is to sail around the buoys and collect as many points as possible in a time of 10 minutes.  The competition will be held on any       suitable Sunday morning throughout the year. Weather will dictate the suitability of any particular Sunday Morning.

The START will be a START GATE laid adjacent to the launching steps. The yacht can start in any direction.
            A RUN will be a START, a rounding of the buoys you chose to select and return back through the start GATE.
            A ten- minute TRY can consist of several RUNS. Any RUN not completed within the 10 minutes will not count.

E.G. You may decide to START a RUN and round buoy 2 and 3 and return through the GATE. Your now have 5 points in the bag with say 6 minutes remaining. You then may chose to try for buoys 4 and 5. You START through the GATE round buoys 4 and 5 and return through the GATE. You now have a further 9 points in the bag (14 all together). You may have 2 minutes left. You may try for say buoys 1 and 4. You START through the GATE and round buoys 1 and 4 but by the time you get back to the gate and pass through the GATE you are out of time so the last two buoys would not count, therefore your total score would be 14.

No buoy can be rounded more than once in any RUN
It does not matter if you hit a buoy
Buoys can be rounded in any direction
The GATE can be crossed in either direction.
At the completion of a RUN the GATE must be crossed. At the START of another RUN the GATE must be   crossed again.
A TRY consists of several RUNS.
Several TRIES can be taken during the morning
Only one competitor at a time will be taking part in a TRY (other craft can be sailing on the pond but must  keep clear of a competitor on a RUN)

IOM Yachts or modified IOM yachts will not be allowed to enter.
DF 95 and RG 65 and similar yachts will not be allowed to enter.

Link to modeller of the year and model of the year rules here