Selsey Model Boat Club

11. Be tolerant of other boat users. Some members are new to the hobby and find it
      difficult to steer and handle a boat. This is particularly true of sailing boats.
     Remember we all had to learn!
New rule added Nov 2022
12 Note:- Junior membership is only available when an adult from the same family
is a club member.  


The Selsey Model Boat Club has a duty to protect the public and protect club members
so the following rules are felt necessary to achieve our aim.
1. The pond is available for 7 days a week but members are requested that they do not
   attend the pond by themselves, therefore the rule is that two club members should be at
    the pond side whenever a club member sails a boat. All children have to be accompanied
    by an adult.
2. Boats with internal combustion engines are not allowed on the pond
3. Fast Electric boats  and Steam powered boats are not allowed on the pond.
4. Club members are covered by insurance, therefore if your membership is not up to
    date you are not covered by our insurance.
5. Take your litter home.
6. Before turning on your transmitter make sure you will not be on the same
   channel as another boat, ask if you are not sure what channel others are on.
   Note this does not apply to 2.4Ghz systems which do not cause interference.
7. No one has a right to any frequency, if you and another member have the same
  frequency discuss the possibility of one or other of you changing frequencies.
  If this is not possible then come to an arrangement about the amount of time
   each of you will sail, allowing both members to have time on the pond.
8. Be tolerant to other people walking around the pond side. They have as much right
   to be there as you.
9. Do not chase pond life with a power boat. Be particularly vigilant when the pond
   has young birds swimming about.
10. Do not wade into the pond to rescue a boat. The bed of the pond can be very
      sticky and there is a strong possibility of becoming stuck in the mud.
 Model boats should only operate on 27 and 40 MHz and 2.4 Ghz. Operating on 35 MHz
 is strictly forbidden as this channel is used by model aircraft.

Link to the Club Constitution pdf