Scamp and Victoria Racing at East Beach Pond on Sunday 6th November.

A fresh morning with a fluky wind that changed from a westerly to northwest over the course
of the morning.
We kicked of the morning’s event with the Scamps races where they all tried to destroy
themselves. We managed 5 races then we began to run out of boats with the final race seeing
Chris Read’s brand new Scamp reduced to drift wood and almost sinking before being dragged
to the shore with most of his craft under water. A substantial part of his port side was smashed,
the battery was lost and all the electrics filled with water. I believe he has been able
to save his motor and new speed controller but the receiver is still receiving treatment
in the airing cupboard.
Simon Bell’s craft also suffered damage to his upper chine, and John Williams’s usually
fast boat was struggling and ended up with a destroyed windscreen and Cliff Williams’s had two
lumps missing from the stem of his craft I am not sure about the two craft driven by
George and Colin.
Simon won the morning with George second and Chris third, despite sinking!

The Victoria yacht racing calmed things down and the skippers showed how genteel and skilful
yacht racing can be.
The wind was a bit all over the place with big holes appearing where least expected.
Two yachts could be side by side when one would sail into a hole and the other would disappear
up the pond. Most annoying!! We managed 5 two-lap races, all of which proved to be very
competitive with some close finishes. Peter Fisher won the morning with Paul Crozier finishing
second sailing his craft with a new mainsail that took 4 races to get sorted. Simon Bell
and Colin Lambert finished joint third. It is good to see Colin gradually getting to grips with
this sailing malarkey and he is now beginning to turn in some consistent results, well done Colin.
Today’s event finally sorted the winners of the Scamps and First Sunday of the Month Yacht
races for the 2016 year.

The new seasons races and events start on December 1st for the 2016/2017-year. I would like
to thank every one who has taken part in the various events over the past 12 months, without
you we could not function as a successful club. We now have a good fleet of Victoria Yachts
with the possibility of a few more appearing in the not to distant future.
The Pool Points competition has proved to be very successful and the spin off from this is that
individual skippers can get verbal help, (and abuse) from the non competing skippers who are
watching on the side lines. This competition is all about making the correct choices of where to
sail depending on wind conditions and best of all, keeping the yacht travelling as fast as possible
without having to worry about other yachts and yacht racing rules.

The Steering and Navigation also proved to be a big hit this year. I hope to be able to arrange
a few more competitions for this event this next year.

So there we have it, a successful year for SMBC; remember we have our Buffet and Prize
giving event on Saturday 3rd December at St. Peters Church Hall, Selsey. Tickets are only
£5.00 each and there are still a few left. Committee members have these tickets.