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On the 13th November we visited Dell Quay Sailing Club and joined in with their Victoria racing.

The conditions were ideal with a steady wind and almost no weed . There was some very competitive sailing from the 17 boats on the water. Following the races we had a lovely spread of sandwiches and cake. Thanks to all for making it a very enjoyable event

When the results were combined Selsey Model Boat Club won the day, well done to the members that sailed there for the first time (Chris, George ,Peter , Ian and Paul), it was also good to note that none of the boats went wrong in the salt water.

Simon 1st  Linda 2nd  Peter 3rd  Paul 4th  Richard 5th

 Full results here

Joint Race Results click here


November 4th

Scamp racing does not get any better than this with three of the craft going out in one race. This included George’s Red Terror sustaining a very bad hole above the water line due to Kevin trying to sink him! Colin Dean decided to take the long route home by going round the back of the island and had to be rescued by the tug. However, George won the day with Kevin second and Simon third. Well done to all in providing a few minutes of entertainment.


The Victoria yachts arrived en masse; fourteen in all and some close racing was seen.The blank spot just off and to the left of the launching steps proved to be a big problem to some skippers and great rafts of yachts were seen loitering in this patch of water. Ken made a good start to the morning finishing third place in the first race after Linda had tweaked his yacht. Simon had trouble with his rudder servo and had to retire from the morning’s activities. By the time of the last race several skippers had called it a day and departed leaving just five yachts on the water. Peter and Paul enjoyed some close racing up front with Peter taking the win on count-back, Paul second and Richard third.


 October 7th

Sunny with some decent wind for a change.

8 scamps seemed to have no problems starting even though they were blown around a bit by the wind. Hang on Linda has just told me this is wrong and there was a large jumpy crash on the first race! what do I know.

The hyper fast orange-ish boat was raced again but Paul had an excuse this time for lack of control, he had been ill with bronchitis for 3 weeks.

I am not sure what happened to it in the first 2 races but there was a whiff of burning wire in the air, All sorted it won race 3, but in race 4 a steering overshoot caused it to be sideways in the path of Simon's boat, the crash creating a large hole in the side,  Paul carried on racing, only to realise he was watching the wrong orange boat, His was parked on the island full of water!

Cliff's boat ended up on the far bank then after a rescue it motored across to park on the island, maybe lack of steering was the problem.

Richard too had trouble in race 1 and spent the rest of the time trying to rescue it from the outlet area reeds with 2 poles strapped together.

Kevin did very well and won 2 races with his re-motored boat coming first overall

Simon had one win and came 2nd overall, George was up with the leaders and had the same points as Simon but came 3rd overall on count-back.


The Yacht racing was kindly run by Paul as his boat was in pieces, I think that's what he said.

Despite the decent breeze there were still many patches of no wind which meant that it was possible to catch up from a bad start sometimes.

Talking of bad starts there were still boats getting tangled up despite Paul and Simon explaining which direction to sail to be on starboard!

There was a close battle at the front between Linda Simon and Peter, Simon just getting the win ahead of Linda.

Richard did very well, his four 4ths and a second gave him 4th overall

Chris had a good day getting a 3rd place, coming 5th overall

George was in 2nd or 3rd in one race and was even ahead of Peter when bad luck struck and his Victoria ran aground near the island.

Phil did well in race 4, coming 3rd, but then wanted to leave early to paint a shed! we managed to persuade him that Victoria racing was much more important.


Sunday 2nd September

Scamp racing with 7 boats had lots of bumps and some jumping, John W finally bought a new battery and won the first 2 races with it but then there was a burning smell and the boat came 2nd then 7th; now he needs to buy a new motor!

One of the clashes in race 1 made a hole in the side of George's boat, this was quickly patched up and if anything made it go faster!

George did very well with his boat getting 2 firsts, a 2nd and a 3rd, he had the same points as John but George won overall on count-back.

Simon’s boat was on a go slow but managed 3rd overall.


The yachts had an easterly wind which meant we were starting halfway down the pond again.

The racing was difficult as there were zones of turbulent air between regions of steadier wind.

Colin Dean did very well and led a few races; his three 2nd places gave him 4rd place overall.  Peter Fisher won the day with some good sailing and some good recoveries from bad starts. Simon was only one point away but was happy to get 2nd, Linda won a race and came 3rd overall.

Richard was often up with the front of the fleet and consistent sailing gave him lots of 5th places.

Louis thought he would have some fun again and made Colin L do an extra lap even though he had actually won the second race; he was sailing so fast Louis missed him.


Wednesday 22 Aug 2018

Joint event with Dell Quay Sailing Club at the Pond,

Here is Simon Bell’s report:-

The pond today was full up with Victorias, It was the most I have raced with and all 19 skippers did well to avoid each other.

Ian Jackson had a special device on his mast for catching wayward Victorias, he caught at least 2 near the start line!

Boat number 4 had 2 skippers Jean and Gordon but despite this it ended up needing rescuing by Linda from the reeds.

The top 7 places were taken by Selsey skippers so I decided not to calculate which club did better.

The westerly wind made it difficult to set a course so there were a few changes during the morning.

One of my courses had us sailing through the series of posts, as I approached them I was thinking that maybe I should warn the dell Quay sailors of this hazard, should I shout out? This distracted me and I ended up hitting one head-on and breaking my jib sheet, I am just too caring!


George had a respectable 7th place despite having to change his number from 20 to 120 no 201 or was it 105?

Race winners were Linda Simon and Paul C, Paul won the day with some consistent results and could have done even better if he hadn't been stopped by a big carp.


Top 3 sailors from each club:-

Selsey           Paul Crozier, Simon Bell and Peter Fisher.

Dell Quay     Bill Greening Chris Sprules and Peter Matthews


Bill Greening showed off his lake sailing skills and in one race Peter Matthews parked on the island for a short tea break.

Chris Sprules did well and could improve if he stopped ramming Linda and Simon's boats away from the marks, or was this a planned tactic?

We all seemed to enjoy the morning and look forward to another joint event.

Many thanks to the race recorders, Val and Peter who did a good job.


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