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There was a tie for first place in both the scamps and the victorias, each skipper had identical scores so it was all down to who won the last race.

Kevin's scamp has a new motor and was fast enough to win 2 races, but unfortunately not the last one!

In the last Victoria race at the finish, there were just inches between the first 3 yachts, Linda won it even though she was in 3rd at the last mark!

The overall results were very close indeed as there was also a tie for 3rd place and only 2 points separated 5th, 6th and 7th places.  Close racing from all.

Final yacht places, Linda 1st; Simon 2nd; Peter 3rd; Paul 4th

It was good to see Ian back at the pond, he managed to finish all of the races.

Tim did another good job scoring, there were quite a few close finishes to call.


November 3rd

Today was so different from gale force 9 Saturday, where had all the wind gone!

Scamp racing was close between Colin D and Chris they must have touched a few times, Kevin was puzzled as his boat sounded fast on the bench but had no go when on the water.

Cliff had a fast boat but it couldn't turn tight enough to get around the course!

Paul C got cross when his scamp refused to work properly, not even making the start line, maybe it was the new cooling fan causing interference?

Simon had a clean sweep, Colin and Chris ended up with exactly the same points so it was down to who won the last race, Colin 2nd Chris 3rd.


During Yacht racing we had a visit from David Campbell James, the Olympic sailor, he was a bit confused as all he saw was Linda's Victoria going round and round chased by a scamp and Paul's yacht, not the sort of racing he was expecting!

There was not much wind about and when we got some later in the morning it poured down with rain, that wind suddenly went and we had to shorten the course twice to get the end of the race over with.

We were lucky to get the 4 races done, Due to electrical problems Linda used Simon’s yacht for the last 2 races and managed to do well coming first, Peter despite picking up a reed came 2nd, Paul C was 3rd.
























           thanks to Paul C for this excellent photo.



Team Relay racing October.



















The teams were well balanced so we had quite a few close finishes, there was wind on most of the pond so a nice big course was set. We had 11 people and needed 4 teams of 3 so Colin D ended up doing lots of laps as he had to go round twice each time.

It was very close and the last race was crucial for the results, Paul B sailed well, with encourage ment from  team-mates Simon and Richard he came from 3rd to 1st and won the competition for the red team.  Team Linda, George and Kevin were just one point behind to come 2nd.

Once again  everyone enjoyed the day.







































































A very windy one today with the gusts being the main problem.

4 scamps set off on race one only to find the outlet buoy was missing whoops, so we went round willow instead which was OK till Cliffs boat went wide and hit the row of posts, it was stuck going round and round

Simon managed to slowly push it back with his scamp but we noticed it was getting lower in the water, when we eventually got it out it had a big hole in the bow.

The Victoria's coped well with the conditions most of the time, a few giant gusts caused some submarine-ing and sometimes when you wanted some wind it disappeared.

Phil had a couple of good races coming 3rd in each, Colin D also got a 3rd place, It was very close between Linda and Simon, they held the top 2 slots in each race, Linda winning overall, Simon 2nd and well done to Colin L for coming 3rd closely followed by Colin D in 4th.

Paul's yacht had a problem so he kindly did the race officer duty.



Racing was very good, we had a great turnout too with 8 Scamps and 10 Victorias.

Scamp racing was chaotic with so many boats, we had to stop one race as the swans had come over to the island buoy to find out what all the noise was about.

There was a lot of floating debris which ended up wrapped around our props after each race, even feathers were found to cause problems!

After winning race 1, Kens boat had a loose prop-shaft and Colin's boat lost all motor drive, both boats retired from the rest of the session.

Paul C's grunge was fast but once again was almost uncontrollable, it acquired a hole in the side from one of the many collisions, luckily above the waterline.

John was very pleased to have a fast boat again

Somehow  Simon managed to win 2 races and Paul won one.

Overall Simon 1st, John 2nd, and Paul 3rd.

Victoria races had 3 different race winners and was all about getting from one windy bit to another through the dead zone where anything could happen!

Ian proved this by getting his yacht stuck near the island at the start of a race, it must have been there for a few minutes, once free he got some good wind managed to sail past everyone and come 2nd!

Poor Colin L, he was doing very well after coffee with a second and third place and was in with a chance for a win on the last race, he just had to cross the finish line, Simon was close behind and decided to take a big chance and sail to the end of the line coming very close to the island, He even had to get past the debris that stopped Ian earlier, and managed to just beat him to the win!

Colin came 4th overall, not many points away from Peter who came 3rd, Linda was 2nd and Simon 1st.

Paul C didn't get on very well with the swing rig today, if you want one it may still be in the hedge where he threw it!

Once again big thanks to Tim for recording the race finishes and watching the line, the scamps were finishing so fast that sometimes Tim couldn't write fast enough!



Rescue Tug

Here are some photos of Richards tug which has a special device fitted for rescues.

On the day these were taken, it was windy and a new members boat, an RG65, went fast aground at the shallow end of the pond. Diligent was launched and collected the boat without difficulty.

















































In Scamp race 3 George's scamp had a coming together with Kens which resulted in 2 neatly cut slots in the side of George's scamp which quickly let in loads of water.

Ken's metal prop was very good at cutting through balsa but the force on the motor finally ripped out the mountings, no more racing for Ken!

George's boat was fixed up by Ken and the last race had only 3 boats due to Cliff's drive system failing.

In the last race, with Paul's scamp "Grunge" slowing, Simons boat thought It would cadge a lift on the back of it which worked very well, it looked like a tandem scamp until his boat was shrugged off when it was time to turn for the mark.  Even Grunge can be beaten with the help of some reeds round the prop!

Well done to Paul who won easily with 3 first places, Simon 2nd and Ken 3rd.


Victoria racing was very good, the south easterly breeze was providing a big stretch of steady wind across the pond, the only problem was the first mark was on the edge of this and sometimes there was no wind there.

In one race Linda was leading and stopped near that first mark and watched the whole fleet sail past her, Simon also had a similar experience arriving at the buoy in 2nd place and leaving in last!

As the morning went on we found that the only fast way to get round was to stay in the wind and come in with speed on port tack with momentum taking the yacht round and then back into the wind.

There were 4 different race winners, Bill, Paul, Simon and Linda and there was close racing across the fleet.


Paul raced his swing rig yacht which is very well made but unfortunately is not class legal as the boom diameter is greater than 9.5mm at the main bearing.

There were many reeds floating about that could ruin a race, Peter managed to find a lot of them and this is reflected in his score.


Final positions 1st Simon, 2nd Paul, 3rd Bill, 4th Linda.


Tim Kinross, who used to be a member and raced regularly, has rejoined the club and did an excellent job of watching the start line and recording the finishes, It was such a great help for us all

and we hope he can do it again next month.


July 22nd

Richard and Simon were on the water today in Richard’s dinghy to sort out the racing marks.

The 2 blue buoys were recovered and repositioned, one to the south to be called “Willow” and one near the island north face to be called “Gorse”

The cord to Island buoy was shortened to try to stop yachts getting caught-up on it.

Outlet was moved into more water so it can be seen easier.

A replacement Reeds buoy was deployed.

Swans nest buoy was stuck fast and was moved eventually after great effort.

Steps buoy was moved away from the encroaching reeds, again it was a big struggle to get this one free from years on the muddy bottom.

Richard did lots of rowing and the strong wind made it difficult to manoeuvre at times but it was worth it so that we can use the pond more effectively.


July 17th

The inter-club open meeting was originally going to include Phoenix M.B.C. but they had been having low turnouts for their Victoria races and couldn't get a team together.

The event carried on with Selsey and Dell Quay S.C. sailing with a total of 13 boats.

The wind was a light southwesterly which slowly increased as the morning went on. There was a big battle at the front between Peter, Bill ,Linda and Simon each sailor winning races, Race officer Paul kept the morning running smoothly, the only problem was the reeds were so high it was a job to see the start line! A couple of yachts got caught up between races and again the reeds were so dense it was hard to untangle them. Colin D had a very good day and sailed well to come 5th overall.
























         Simon, Bill, Linda and Peter at the front of the fleet.


At the end it was very close with only 2 points covering the top 4 places, Peter and Bill were tied for 1st place, but on count-back Peter won the day, Bill (DQSC) 2nd,  Simon 3rd,   Linda 4th  Colin Dean 5th  Peter Matthews (DQSC) 6th


The inter team results were Selsey  104 points and Dell Quay 169 points so well done to all the winning Selsey sailors.


Thanks to all the skippers who’s contributions raised £43 for the Selsey First Responders.

Full Results click here


July 14th

We had a great mornings racing with a light Northerly wind and lots of boats.

The scamp racing was good fun with the usual crashes and Cliffs boat in the reeds at the first mark!

I think as we hadn't had a race for a few months we were not so good at rounding the marks, Simon especially as he twice missed the mark that he had put out earlier and Kevin also had the same trouble!

There were 3 different winners, Kevin won his first race of this season, Ken won 2 and George won one.

Placing's were Kevin 3rd, George 2nd, and Ken 1st, well done Ken!


Victoria racing was intense with Bill, Simon and Linda battling at the front with Peter in the mix too, the points were so close that we couldn't  decide who had won till the numbers were computed.























           See more photos of this event in the Gallery page on this website.


Paul B had a great result coming 5th overall just beating Michael who sailed consistently, Paul B was up near the front in a couple of races, also Kens Yacht was impressive with its new sails and set-up, its a shame he had to leave early to sort out a power-cut.

Linda and Simon's yachts had colourful soft jibs that looked like spinnakers down wind, they were useful today as the wind was very shifty and non-existent in some places.


Paul C did a brilliant job as race officer for the morning you wouldn't have known he was in hospital a week ago, well done and a great help.


Placing's  Peter 4th, Linda 3rd, Bill 2nd, Simon 1st, it was very close!


Love your parks 22 June

The club put on a display for the Saturday event Including scale power and sail craft plus some fun racing. We were there for the whole day which was very enjoyable.

Special thanks to Richard for bringing his fleet along plus Ian and Peter displayed some impressive craft as well.

We let Bill from men in sheds have a sail as he was getting bored!









































A superb days racing was had by 10 skippers, there was plenty of wind blowing from left to right across a large part of the pond.

The diesel generator was not running and the pond level was up enough that no rescues were needed.

Unfortunately Chris did not complete many races due to a problem with the deck sagging and water leaking in. Chris showed that he can do well with a decent boat claiming a 2nd place using Georges yacht, lets hope this inspires Chris to get his Victoria spruced up!

Ian's yacht was slowly falling apart but was quickly repaired each time.

It was nice to see Kevin come out of hibernation and visit the pond!

Colin Lambert and Colin Dean did very well coming 4th and 5th respectively, only one point between them.

Linda's second and third places gave her third overall

Simon won 3 of the 7 races to come 2nd

Peter was unstoppable claiming first place with 4 wins in a row.

A big thank you to Phil who did the finishing for us.


May this race was postponed till the 12th as the pond level was too low

It was a nice surprise that the pond had filled up slightly and we could race around some of it.

7 skippers were ready to race on time but we had a small delay whilst Linda's yacht was rescued having run aground near the island buoy.

We decided to miss that one out and the swans nest buoy so we could steer clear of the island shallows.

The wind was easterly and there was the usual wind shadow from the trees and generators. We managed 4 races of 2 laps, it was hard going but good fun was had!

Thank you to George who helped out with the start line and scoring duties, He was going to put a row of number 20's at the top of the sheet until I pointed out that he didn't actually bring a yacht!

Well done to Richard who won the last 2 races and today's event, Simon second and Linda third



There is a problem with the water level of the pond, the monthly competition was postponed to 21st due to debris and un sailable parts of the pond. Our theory is that the water table has been lowered due to the pumping during the work in Beach Road and water has been leaking out of the pond into the surrounding ground.

With the debris cleared team relay racing went ahead on 14 April, this time we had 3 teams of 3; the results were very close, and everyone enjoyed the competition. The low water level played its part as the Blue team were about to win a race and a gust sent a yacht into the shallows by the island where it ran aground!  RESULTS Red team 1st ,Yellow 2nd and Blue 3rd










21st April

There were ducklings and baby coots about so we didn't run the scamp racing.

The light easterly breeze was difficult to sail in, It was very trying as there were patches of no wind and the starts today were tricky too! The lack of water meant some yachts ended up aground on the island, Kens rescue boat was used for a few recoveries until unfortunately Linda managed to get it locked onto one of the metal stakes so Simon had to wade out and get it back.

The results are Peter 1st , Simon 2nd and Chris with a very good 3rd place,

The next 3 skippers had the same points , Paul C 4th Colin 5th and Linda 6th on count back.


Hopefully for May's event we will have more water otherwise we will have to run a hosepipe overnight!



On the third attempt to run the March Sunday races it was still windy, but because it was sunny we thought we would have a go.

Scamp racing was different this week as we had to avoid an obstruction so we used the steps buoy as the first mark and went anticlockwise around the rest, John had fitted his old spec. motor and proceeded to win all 4 races, Simon's scamp however did not like it, there was a terrible noise as the cooling fan worked loose and rubbed on the universal joint. Then in race 3 It jumped over a mark and broke a propeller blade. It was raced with only one blade in the last race and was quite fast, maybe this is a new way to go faster! Cliff's scamp was fast but needed to be better controlled. George was looking forward to winning the scamp racing again but found out that he had left the transmitter on all night, Maybe he was too excited about the first Grand Prix to remember.


Nasty gusts were coming through but there was enough time gust free to do some yacht racing. Peter coped very well with this and shot off and won 2 races, Simon was close but only won one. Linda's yacht was determined not to race, it hit the post by the steps and broke the jibsheet, once repaired it then had another problem, going round in circles, somehow the rudder linkage had come off the tiller. After fixing this it was about to be launched again when the main sheet come untied, then we noticed that there was something big and heavy moving inside. The main servo mount had completely broken off from the hull, time for a major refit!

Chris enjoyed the conditions, and only had to repair the jib once to come 3rd

Ian was 4th and could have had a better score but just as he was rounding a mark a big gust came and sent him the wrong side of it, unlucky. Despite the sun it was very cold, George had the sensible idea to stop after the first race to go home and warm up.

Paul B was even more sensible and kept his boat in the car!

Thanks again to Caroline for doing the finishing for us, it was so gusty that the chair we put out for her kept blowing over!



At the AGM It was agreed that we would replace the club Victoria rules with the AMYA rules except for the sail marking requirements, of a “v” on the mainsail and numbers on the jig.

The rules are almost the same see the link in the club rules page.

Also the use of fast electric craft is banned and will be emphasised on the application form and club rules.


For once there was some wind, a light southerly which was warm too.

Scamp racing started well with 5 boats but after 2 races there were only 2 left, not even enough for another race!

Cliff had radio range problems which meant  instead of going round the course the Scamp headed off at speed towards East beach shops, he was heard saying he would have to join the 21st century and by a new transmitter! John's boat was very slow, He blames his daughter who plugged in her hair straighteners but maybe John just forgot to unplug them when he was using them. Finally Chris's boat just stopped during race 2, I think something came un-soldered again maybe?

Simon and George both had first and seconds but as George won the last race he took the days win.

Victoria racing.

12 skippers enjoyed the warm weather and 6 races were run. Simon didn't have much luck in race one, he lost sail control but managed to get it in and realised it was not a quick fix so he missed the tea-break to go and get a spare yacht called Dudley, (it came from the west midlands). He just missed the start of the next race so he literally had to throw Dudley in at the deep end!

In race 2 Richard had the bad luck, his back-stay got stuck on a post on the island, George tried to free it with his boat but in the end it was only recoverable with waders.

We were joined by a new member who is a sailing superstar Bill Dawber, Bill showed us how its done by winning 3 races, Linda won 1 and Simon won 2 with Dudley.

Winner for the day was Bill then Linda, 2nd, Simon, 3rd, Peter 4th and Chris 5th.


Unfortunately the wind was blowing the exhaust fumes from the generators across the pond which did spoil what would have been a really nice day, lets hope the works on Beach road are on track and we can get our peaceful pond back!


January 2019

After the very sad news that Louis Phillips had passed away we decided to remember him and show our respects by tying black ribbons on our yachts during the mornings races. Louis won club member of the year in 2017 for the time and effort he gave to starting and recording club events which he had been doing for many years.

Louis will be sorely missed.
























Louis watching the start line at a club race back in April 2016



On Boxing day we held the annual Christmas pudding race, the wind was very light but slowly picked up as the morning went on, with light winds there was always the chance of picking up debris.  Linda won a race but unfortunately in races 1 and 6 she picked up some reeds, spoiling her chances of winning one of the 3 medals on offer.

Mike A had a fast boat but kept getting into trouble, the penalty turns taking their toll, he still finished 5th.

For some reason Colin D was trying to get closer and closer to the first mark, I've done it again he shouted as he got stuck on it for the 2nd time!

The light wind was causing problems for George and Colin L, Colin finally got his refurbished house-martin sail set-up and came 3rd in the last race. George was suffering with a cold.

Chris lead a race for a bit but could not cope with the excitement!

Simon won a race but also picked up a tree branch which gave him an unfortunate last place! his two 2nd places put him in the running for a medal but which one?

Richard and Paul C sailed very well and won 2 races each.

The Medal winners were Paul Gold, Richard Silver and Simon Bronze. You will see from the results there was very close racing throughout.

The medal winners agreed that although inedible, the discs were much better than a 3rd of a pudding!   Full yacht results here

























                                                             Happy medal winners !







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