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George's electric boat jumped onto the island then he skilfully got it off only to back-flip on again ending upside down.

Thanks to Colin it was rescued but there was too much water inside the electrics for any more back-flips!

Although there were only 4 boats it was quite close, Colin's scamp joining in at the front and winning a race, he should have won  2 but was pressured into making a steering mistake and missed a mark. Simon 1st, Colin 2nd, Cliff 3rd ,George 4th

Sailing was the same as last month, very difficult.

Ian did well and won a race with his spare boat, It has the original kit sails, which were actually just what was needed as when the wind dropped we struggled to get our cambered racing sails to flip.

Linda sailed well and won the day, Peter’s 2 wins broke the tie for second place leaving Simon in 3rd.

Chasing hard were Ian and Paul on the same points with 4th and 5th.

June Racing on the pond



May Racing on the pond

Scamp Electric racing, no ducklings on the water and we got started bang on time. It was closer that the results show as George led race 2 from the start to the very last mark of the second lap, when the pressure got to him and he got his left and right rudder muddled up.

There was no damage to the boats so maybe it only occurs when Ken is racing?

Simon 1st  George 2nd Kevin 3rd

Victoria Yachts :-

We had to delay the start for half an hour due to no wind and when we finally got a breath of Easterly air we decided that the only way to get a beat from the start was to move to the other end of the pond so we all moved down to near the steps and used the buoys as a start line.

We manage to do 5 races with 4 different winners.  Well done to Phil who won his first Victoria race, just pipping Paul Biggs to the line!

Sailing was very difficult in almost drifting conditions at times.

Kevin used his rescue boat to fish Harry and Paul from the reeds just as Phil was entering the water with tight fitting borrowed waders, it was not a pretty sight!

Simon 1st, Peter 2nd, Linda 3rd

July Racing on the pond

A short report due to the weather, Due to young coots on the pond we cancelled the scamp racing for July, the Victoria yachts did a practice race instead.

We did a few races from the swans-nest end and after coffee the wind had changed enough for us to move back to the welcome shade of the trees.

Most of the 11 skippers were frustrated at times due to the very light wind and patches of nothing.

Peter did well and came 1st, Simon 2nd , Paul 3rd, Linda was struggling a bit but still managed a 4th.