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George's electric boat jumped onto the island then he skilfully got it off only to back-flip on again ending upside down.

Thanks to Colin it was rescued but there was too much water inside the electrics for any more back-flips!

Although there were only 4 boats it was quite close, Colin's scamp joining in at the front and winning a race, he should have won  2 but was pressured into making a steering mistake and missed a mark. Simon 1st, Colin 2nd, Cliff 3rd ,George 4th

Sailing was the same as last month, very difficult.

Ian did well and won a race with his spare boat, It has the original kit sails, which were actually just what was needed as when the wind dropped we struggled to get our cambered racing sails to flip.

Linda sailed well and won the day, Peter’s 2 wins broke the tie for second place leaving Simon in 3rd.

Chasing hard were Ian and Paul on the same points with 4th and 5th.

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August Racing

July Racing

A short report due to the weather, Due to young coots on the pond we cancelled the scamp racing for July, the Victoria yachts did a practice race instead.

We did a few races from the swans-nest end and after coffee the wind had changed enough for us to move back to the welcome shade of the trees.

Most of the 11 skippers were frustrated at times due to the very light wind and patches of nothing.

Peter did well and came 1st, Simon 2nd , Paul 3rd, Linda was struggling a bit but still managed a 4th.

Scamp racing got an extra adrenalin rush from Paul’s turbo charged boat; it sounds like an F1 car when on full throttle. It didn't even need full power and Paul wisely kept the speed down on the corners. It has a motor that can rev up to 38000rpm, hence the amazing sound.

Paul won the first 2 races but had control problems on the next 2; overall he came second, a very impressive debut.  He had the same points as George but the 2 wins broke the tie.

George and Simon had some close battles on the last 2 races.

George who came third overall, parked  in the reeds on race one and Cliff tried to leave the pond via the outlet in race 2!

Simon’s boat also had a new motor which got quicker as time went on, He won the last 2 races to finish first overall.

Victoria racing was better this month as we had more wind but there were still dead patches.

After coffee we did our usual trek to half way down the reed bed in the sun, this was to give us 3 good races in the breeze, with 3 different winners.

Louis, our race starter did a good job as usual but he thought it would be fun to change the start/ finish posts to random ones on the island, when we realised we tipped a bucket of pond water over him, he won't be doing that again!

Linda had 2 firsts a second and 2 thirds,  because Simon had exactly the same we had to go by the last race where she was one place ahead so she came first overall.

Peter could not get in the groove but was pleased to win the last race to come 3rd overall.

George and Harry each led a race for a while.


We had a joint event with Dell Quay Sailing Club on 22 Aug 2018

Here is Simon Bell’s report:-

The pond today was full up with Victorias, It was the most I have raced with and all 19 skippers did well to avoid each other.

Ian Jackson had a special device on his mast for catching wayward Victorias, he caught at least 2 near the start line!

Boat number 4 had 2 skippers Jean and Gordon but despite this it ended up needing rescuing by Linda from the reeds.

The top 7 places were taken by Selsey skippers so I decided not to calculate which club did better.

The westerly wind made it difficult to set a course so there were a few changes during the morning.

One of my courses had us sailing through the series of posts, as I approached them I was thinking that maybe I should warn the dell Quay sailors of this hazard, should I shout out? This distracted me and I ended up hitting one head-on and breaking my jib sheet, I am just too caring!


George had a respectable 7th place despite having to change his number from 20 to 120 no 201 or was it 105?

Race winners were Linda Simon and Paul C, Paul won the day with some consistent results and could have done even better if he hadn't been stopped by a big carp.


Top 3 sailors from each club:-

Selsey           Paul Crozier, Simon Bell and Peter Fisher.

Dell Quay     Bill Greening Chris Sprules and Peter Matthews


Bill Greening showed off his lake sailing skills and in one race Peter Matthews parked on the island for a short tea break.

Chris Sprules did well and could improve if he stopped ramming Linda and Simon's boats away from the marks, or was this a planned tactic?

We all seemed to enjoy the morning and look forward to another joint event.

Many thanks to the race recorders, Val and Peter who did a good job.

Joint Race Results click here