The Annual Phoenix v Selsey Victoria Race Meeting

Wednesday the 15th July turned out to be nearly perfect for sailing. May be just
a bit more wind would have made the day perfect, but at least the forecast
showers stayed away. Ten members of the Phoenix club and eight members of the
Selsey club were at the pond to take part in our annual titanic battle to see who
could take the winner’s rostrum this year. The numbers meant we could not race
all yachts at the same time so two groups of 9 yachts raced at any one time.
At lunch time the top 3 yachts from each group from the Phoenix club and the top
2 yachts from each group from the Selsey club made up the numbers for the
new group 1 and the remainder made up the numbers for the new group 2.
We managed to complete 12 races, which meant that each skipper took part in
6 races during the day.
As usual competition was keen with plenty of vocal encouragement for both teams.
The top two buoys in the north west corner proved to be difficult to round due to
the lack of wind in that part of the pond due to the wind shadow from the Island,
however the rest of the pond was very sailable. Weed was a slight problem with a
few skippers collecting the odd bit, and some skippers putting a bad performance
down to weed but on lifting the yacht out of the pond, nothing was seen!
The standard of sailing was very good from every one, with very few disputes
regarding the rules and every one competed in a keen but friendly way. This is how
club yacht racing should be because we all wish to have an enjoyable days racing.
One again, the Selsey club enjoyed the company of our friends from Phoenix and
after the results were announced we accepted the challenge from Grahame Palmer,
Phoenix Club Chairman, to visit them at their lake at Silvermere for a return
challenge next year.



NAME      SAIL NUMBER               POSITION             POINTS
Linda                                156                                     1                                 17
Peter                                  63                                      2                                 19
Graham                              72                                      3                                  20
Richard                             126                                      4                                  21
Paul                                   51                                      4                                  21
Richard                               33                                      6                                 23
Ian                                      87                                      7                                 24
John                                   65                                       7                                 24
Chris                                 187                                      9                                  27
Simon                                 44                                     10                                 29
David W                              35                                     11                                 31
Hans                                   22                                     12                                 36
Tim                                     76                                     12                                 36
Gordon                                71                                     14                                 38
David M                               56                                     14                                 38
Jim                                      29                                     16                                 40
Colin                                   45                                      16                                40
Gerry                                   17                                     18                                 51
                                SELSEY             PHOENIX             RESULTS FOR DAY

TOTAL POINTS.  212                           323

 Average                26.5                          32.3


                   LINDA was best Skipper of the day with 17 points