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The First Sunday of the Month Victoria Yacht Racing Results
Victoria and Scamp Racing 5th December 2015

Another very breezy day commenced with the Scamp Racing. We only had 3 Scamps on the water but entertainment
was to be seen in bucket loads. Cliff Williams, the un-official club entertainments officer, did not fail to oblige.
Whilst competing in the first race he decided to try and control another boat, leaving his own craft to its own devices.
It duly obliged by ploughing into the barrier surrounding the island, leaping into the air and turning turtle into the water
on the far side of the barrier! Chris donned waders and waded into the murky waters of the pond and rescued the
errant craft. Lifting it from the water huge amounts of the pond was to be seen leaving the hull! The remaining races
were completed with Colin Dean winning the day. The surprising thing, when Cliff emptied the hull fully and connected
the various bits and pieces up the motor ran and the little Scamp was put back on the water and did a couple of laps
of the pond all OK.

The Victoria yachts then took to the stormy waters and managed to complete 4 races. Conditions were very close
to the limit for these craft and at times all the yachts could be seen lying on their sides. Running down wind was
exciting and we all suffered from the bows submerging and the yachts becoming uncontrollable. Simon Bell won the
day with Peter Fisher second and Colin Dean third. Harry Stead came to the pond to collect his modified and
repaired yacht and decided to race, however he managed to break his yacht before he even started. Back the repairers!!
Tim Kinross decided to lower the level of the pond by collecting substantial amounts of water in the hull of his yacht.
Simon Bell together with large syringe proceeded to suck the water from the hull in a controlled manner.
The previous method earlier in the morning was to turn the yacht upside down releasing some of the water and most
of the contents from the inside of the yacht!!

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