Selsey Model Boat Club

Note:- Scamp racing will commence at 10:00am and Victoria Yacht Racing will run from 10:30 to 12:30
The rules for the competitions can be found  here

Selsey Model Boat Club committee details link here


JANUARY      Sunday 6th Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30


FEBRUARY  Sunday 3rd Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                       Sunday 10th Midhurst Show Model of the year competition from 10:00

                       Sunday 17th Scamp and Victoria racing (postponed from the 3rd)

                       Sunday 24th 10-12:30

MARCH         Sunday 3rd       Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                       Tuesday 5th AGM at Church Hall, Church Road, 7:00


APRIL            Sunday 7th   Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                       Sunday 14th  Team Relay Yacht Racing for Fun 10-12:30


MAY                Sunday 5th    Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                       Tuesday 7th   Club Meeting at the Church Hall, Church Road 7.00


JUNE             Sunday 2nd    Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30


                       Sunday 9th     Championship yacht races 10:00 13:00

                                                6 races to be completed depending on weather


JULY               Tuesday 2nd  Club Meeting, Church hall Church Rd 7.00

                        Saturday 6th   Dell Quay Sailing Club Regatta Victoria racing, all welcome.

                        Sunday 7th     Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:00


                        Wednesday 17th  Victoria open meeting Phoenix and Dell Quay Clubs invited 10:00- 4:00 pm.


AUGUST         Sunday 4th   Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                         Wednesday 21st Inter-club Victoria racing with Dell Quay Sailing Club

                        10-12:30 Provisional Date


SEPTEMBER Sunday 1st Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                         Sunday 29th    Steering and Navigation Competition 10:00- 12:30


OCTOBER      Sunday 6th  Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                         Sunday 13th  Team Relay Yacht Racing for Fun  10-12:30


NOVEMBER   Sunday 3rd  Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                          Last race day of the 2019 season

                          Tuesday 5th Club meeting, Church hall Church Rd. 7:00

                          Plus Modeller of the year competition, bring along the boat you built


DECEMBER    Sunday 1st  Scamp and Victoria racing, 10-12:30

                           Saturday 7th Christmas Buffet and Prizegiving.





The pool points competition will be held on non racing Sundays subject to weather and a time keeper  being present. This competition does not interfere with other members who wish to

sail their boats on the pond as only one person at a time is taking part in the pool points competition.

The only thing we would ask is that other boats on the pond keep clear of the one yacht on a run in

the competition.


Scamp racing will be governed by the amount of young wild life on the pond. If young chicks are seen

then scamp racing will be abandoned without discussion. It important we look after the wild life on our pond.